Product: PayHQ
Year: 2015-2016
Team: Payfirma Design Team

Accept payments online, in store,
at the office, or in the field

PayHQ is the world's most powerful omni-channel payment processing platform. PayHQ is awesome because they:

  • Have a user-friendly website and app on iOS and Android.
  • Process over million with lowest commission on the market.
  • Have plenty of payment options to suit almost customer.
  • Are fantastic and friendly with their customer service, always.


In August, 2011, Payfirma launched their iOS App and since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength in the payment processing market.

Unfortunately, since the app’s launch, it hasn’t seen the love or attention it deserves.

So, at the end of 2015, I helped Payfirma redesign their entire platform, which spawned across web, iOS and Android. Acting as their Lead UI Designer, I created new product vision, product design guidelines and most of the features you’ll see to this day.


Due to Payfirma’s rapid growth, there was plenty of data available to us, so we used this to accurately define their user base, the way these users behaved and several possible use cases for the app.

With common scenario’s in place, we were able to define detailed personas, using their vast data pool.

Without a clear understanding of what your product does, what problems it solves or for whom it solves these problems, ultimately there’s no need for your product. Our goal was to make sure Payfirma’s app solved typical payment processing problems in a clear and simple way.

User Experience

With proper planning we confidently moved into creating wireframes for the app. We focused on the functionality and structure of the app, opting for low-fidelity wireframes. The important part was making the product (above all) clear and simple for the user, the design elements can be added in later.

Interaction Design @ Payfirma


A simpler, easier and more structured way to process payments was needed. By grouping payment types and methods and progressively revealing controls within the app flow, we created a clear hierarchy users could learn and follow.

After the user enters the sale amount, they’re able to select the customers preferred payment method. Based on the available data (and the device connected) users see the most relevant payment methods, first.

Once a method is selected, users can easily send a receipt for the customer as a record of payment.

Payfirma Visual Design

Redesigning search allowed us to create a smarter way for users to remember what they’ve previously searched for and to gather suggestions for relevant, popular customers.

Payfirma Visual Design


A working prototype with animations and interactions is created, so stakeholders get a sense of how the product feels.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.

Payfirma Prototype

This was arguably the most important and complex part of the app, so we put a lot of time and thought into getting things right.

Here’s a glimpse into the final product and the design process behind it.