I'm a Product Designer specializing in the development of innovative and engaging user experiences for mobile and desktop websites and apps.

A strategic thinker and effective leader, With a passion for design and learning, I bring together development teams to tackle complex and fast-paced projects.

Adept at creating compelling UX solutions that make powerful technologies easy and enjoyable to use.

I am seeking to join a team of creative professionals in the development of innovative and successful products.

Inspired by

Dieter RamsLess but better

Edward TufteComplex data in an easy to understand way

Walt DisneyWorld's first "immersive experience"

Elon MuskStay ahead of the competition by welcoming new opportunities

GoogleMaterial design


Some of the companies I've collaborated with

Meet Igor

Energetic, creative, team player that disrupts and inspires

Insights from Igor

  • Human Touch

    Human touch is a necessity in good product design
  • Big Data

    Unlocking data can be a powerful tool in creation of successful products
  • Knowledge

    Knowledge is the best kind of shelter
  • Life

    Buy less, live more
  • Work

    If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well